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The sitch:

Despite this quarantine NOT being normal, this craziness actually IS our NEW NORMAL for the foreseeable future!  


We’re hunkered down at home working via video meetings from our kitchens, kid’s rooms, dens & even garages.  It’s important to show your best on-camera and not air your dirty laundry, literally!


Truth: Your video background can be fairly distracting and right now, it’s especially important to show the world you’re keeping it together no matter who you’re talking to on camera… Anderson Cooper, your boss or even just Mom!


Sure you can buy a backdrop on Amazon or even download a digital one to make it look like your office overlooks San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge or a beach in Fiji, but both lack authenticity and reassurance in a time when ALL we need is calm. Think of yourself like a duck, look calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.


Via distance-design let me help you doctor up your working space (at least the part we’re going to see!) into a bespoke #BombAssBackground!

The details:



I’m excited you’re intrigued by getting a #BombAssBackground!

1.  Please take pix (not a live pix) of all 4 walls of the room in which you work.  Can you please make sure they are wide shots so I can see all corners and nooks ‘n crannies.


2.  Please make a quadrant collage (see below).  Save it using the title nomenclature: Joe Schmo’s Room






3.  Please take a selfie at your desk from the POV of the people you talk to on  your video meetings.  Save it using the title nomenclature: Joe Schmo’s Before






4.  Then DM the images to me on Instagram @TracyMetro


5.  If you feel like going the extra mile, you can do a little 20 second video tour!  But, it’s not necessary!


6.  Finally, hit the scheduling form below to book an appointment!  So you can prepare time wise, it should only take about 20-30 minutes.  VOILA!!


Easy peasey!


tracy AKA House Doctor 

The cost:

$100 Nuff said

If you're not convinced you have a#BombAssBackground when we're done, no need to pay.

However, if you L.O.V.E. your #BombAssBackground and REFER a friend who signs on and does one, you get a credit towards 15 minutes of distance-design in your REAL office -- once the quarantine is over!

When the time comes and you LOVE your #BombAssBackground, 

Venmo payment to: @Tracy-Metro

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Kallie Joe's Side By Side.JPG

First 25 FREE!


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The scheduling:

I wanna book my #BombAssBackground session!!

I'm excited to help you achieve a #BombAssBackground!

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