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An Enlightened Place to Sit: The Cardboard Conundrum

Project: #CardboardChairChallenge - An Enlightened Place To Sit: The Cardboard Conundrum


Curated by: Tracy Metro


Rationale:  Working from home.  Playing at home. Never leaving your home! This is our new normal, at least for a while.  Now, more than ever we are utterly reliant on the kindness of our delivery people, distribution center packers and online retailers.  Can you imagine going through this quarantine WITHOUT those conveniences? They are the very reason we are able to survive AT HOME and avoid getting sick!  But, what are you doing with the mountain of boxes you unpack?  


Are you stuffing them in the blue bin? Holding onto them for an impending move? Collecting them to take to the recycler to make a couple of bucks?


Whatever you’re doing with them, I have something fun, productive and creative that you can do with all of those delivery boxes…it’s the Covid19 coronavirus #CardboardChairChallenge called “An Enlightened Place To Sit: The Cardboard Conundrum”


Scope: Artists, designers, crafters and aliens are invited to create a seating element (think chair, sofa, pouf, lounger, etc) out of all of those boxes!


Purpose:  To create a place to sit and commune (at least 6’ away from anyone else), read a book, journal, chat on the phone, host a web meeting… or simply think about the days gone by or what lays ahead. 


Missive:  Each participant is encouraged to interpret An Enlightened Place To Sit: The Cardboard Conundrum as it relates to corrugated waste and the reliance we have on all of these boxes we’re getting.  The exclusive constraint is the material.  Structurally, 80-ish% of the project must be made from the cardboardboxes in which provisions were received while 20-ish% can be made from supporting material (think “flair” from Office Space). It can be reimagined, reconfigured, painted, glued, covered in epoxy, glitter, etc. 


Timeframe:  Post your completed cardboard chair on Instagram using #CardboardChairChallenge tag @TracyMetro Feel free to also post a video of the creative process and/or showing us how your piece works!  The final day to post is Earth Day, April 22nd.  




  • Top 10 winners:An invitation to show & sell your chair in the gallery show at The Loft at Liz’s in Los Angeles, California in September, 2020


  • First Place: $350 gift certificate at The Loft at Liz’s or Liz’s Antique Hardware

  • Second Place: $250 gift certificate at The Loft at Liz’s or Liz’s Antique Hardware

  • Third Place: $150 gift certificate at The Loft at Liz’s or Liz’s Antique Hardware


Disclaimer:  I’ve never created a challenge before so I need to check with my lawyer about all of the legalities yada yada.  Prizes subject to change. Fun will remain nonetheless.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like to give away some swag or goodies!


Need more info or just want to get in touch with me: Go to (oh wait!  you're HERE!) and click on #CardboardChairChallenge (uh, you just did that!)... scroll to the bottom and send me an email!

Gotta question? Or, just wanna say HI!

I'll get back to you ASAP! Have a fab day :-)

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